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Washington, DC - Returns 2022!

The National ProStart Invitational® (NPSI) is the country's premier secondary school competition focused on restaurant management and culinary arts. Annually, nearly 400 student competitors put their skills to the test in front of industry leaders, NRAEF Trustees, state restaurant associations, and family and friends - all with hopes of earning coveted scholarships from the nation's best culinary and restaurant management programs.

In May at NPSI2019, the restaurant industry’s future leaders converged on Washington, DC, filled with excitement and enthusiasm, ready to flaunt their culinary and restaurant management skills and compete for $200,000 in scholarships for continuing their foodservice education. The best of ProStart® high school students impressed judges from leading industry corporations, colleges and universities with skills they've developed through the program in two distinct competitions – management and culinary.

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The culinary competition highlights each team's creative abilities through the preparation of a three-course meal in 60 minutes, using only two butane burners, and without access to running water or electricity. Students are evaluated on taste, skill, teamwork, safety and sanitation.


Management teams develop proposals for restaurant concepts and present it to a panel of industry judges, having their problem solving skills tested as they quickly solve challenges faced by managers daily.

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